Full Field Boys Soccer League Registration Now Open!

HS coaches, players and interested parents,

It’s time to start thinking about our Riverfront spring Full Field Boys’ Soccer League. We have had at least 18 teams each year. The league will start March 29th and end May 17th. All games are on Sunday’s from 11:00am-9:30pm (depending on the total number of teams participating). There will be NO games Easter Sunday, Apr.5th and Mother’s Day, May 10th. Games consist of two, 30 minute halves. Cost is $960 per team for 6 guaranteed games and includes ref fees. I want you to understand how we arrive at that fee. Split field games are $810. Most teams have 10 players which makes the player cost per game about $9 per game or $81 per player for a 9 game schedule. For full field, you should have a minimum of 16 players on your roster. The cost per player comes to $10.00 per game or $60 for a 6 game schedule.

Lastly, I would really appreciate it if you as the coach would get this full field info to your players and parents. I can’t tell you how many parents of players or players themselves contact me at the last minute, asking questions about ALL the info I have just given you, because they want to try and form a team to play. I personally understand I can’t help every player in northeast PA be better soccer players. I can though direct players to clubs or different training sessions where they can continue to DEVELOP their skills. I have said many times, that it is NOT your job to form a team from your high school program. Some coaches are very involved in their programs for whatever reason. Maybe your work or family situation doesn’t allow you the flexibility to be totally involved. But if you email your players and parents this info, or have a quick meeting with them after school one day, I think your kids would really be encouraged that you desire to see them develop their personal and team skills, both in soccer and in life.

Click Here to Register.   Register for either division 1(those who want “better” competition) or division 2. Registration deadline is Tuesday, March 24th at 10pm. Should you have any additional questions about anything, please don’t hesitate to give me a call/ 351-6172.

Making a Difference in Soccer and in the Lives of Young People,
Coach Roger Jacobs/ 351-6172