About Us

Our Mission:

Enriching the Lives of People through Sports

Our Values:

Welcome to Our Backyard

We love it when we hear of hometown or neighborhood pride.  We seek to create an environment or “backyard” that is dynamic, supportive and inviting.  We hope you feel a sense of warmth and belonging.  Our goal is for a safe and clean facility for your growth and enjoyment.

Every Customer is Our Most Important Customer

We choose to serve you, our customer.  We value people and hope to build community.  Being considerate of our customers is of utmost importance.  We will run on time, return calls and give ample notice of any changes.  We will work with you to the best of our ability to provide what you need.

We are Better Together

Our staff seeks to model the ideals of teamwork.  Riverfront employees will interact with each other with humility, responsiveness and accountability.  Each staff member will seek to grow together in responsibility.

Everyone has a Next Step

Each individual always has a next step of growth.  Our employees will seek to demonstrate insight, initiative, industry and integrity.  In order to help others develop, we as individuals need to develop.  We cannot give to others if we are empty.


Our Story

Developers Dave Atcherley and Mike Vacendak had the dream of building a one-of-a-kind indoor recreational facility for the people of the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area. That dream is now a reality! Since opening November 8, 2004, the 88,000 square foot building is buzzing with activity. It  holds a full-size P.I.A.A. soccer field (divided into 3 smaller fields) as well as three high school hardwood basketball courts. The $4 million facility is a fixed steel structure unlike common fabric domes. It is the only sports complex of its kind for over 50 miles!  All-Sports Enterprises (responsible for the materials used in the construction of Riverfront) has rated Riverfront #1 on a list of 500 buildings constructed nationally!

We also provide opportunity for football, flag-football, field hockey, lacrosse, volleyball, softball, and baseball. There are leagues, tournaments, and camps in addition to field and court rentals. Some nights are designated “open” nights. Training sessions are offered for those seeking to improve their game. The facility houses a concession stand and a room for birthday parties or meetings. There is something for everyone of every age. If you want to do it, we will try to make it happen! Don’t miss your chance to be involved in Scranton’s sports facility!

Tom Nichols

General Manager

“Riverfront Sports is a great new recreational facility that fills the need for an indoor venue for soccer, football, and basketball. With the Ice Box indoor hockey located next door, Memorial Stadium and other Scranton High School playing fields across the street, and Weston Field two blocks away, it is in the center of what is becoming the region’s premier sports complex.”
Mayor Chris Doherty