Soccer Academy Philosophy

Riverfront Elite Soccer Academy is designed to create a mapped out, progressive, blueprint of the modern day soccer player. At this Elite Academy we will coach all aspects of the modern game from the first touch to the final pass. We believe in creating a professional environment where soccer players can challenge themselves and others to improve every day and reach the highest level. It is our goal to instill a love, passion and understanding of the game. The Elite Academy strives on excellence and believes in progress, setting the foundations for a prosperous future in soccer.


At this age it is all about individual progress. The Elite Academy will help every induvial soccer player fine tune the basic soccer skills required to play. With specific coaching techniques all of our players will learn the right technique and form to create a solid foundation. We believe in repetition and that practice makes perfect. Here at the Elite Academy we are always looking to improve.


As soccer players progress we need to learn about “How the game should be played”. At this age bracket we look more toward working as a team and what it takes to play the game the right way. The Elite Academy will work here to identify positioning and movement on and off the ball. Team structure and player roles will also be addressed at this level.


“Progress and Development” two key building stones here at the Elite Academy. It is our belief that nothing happens overnight but with the right coaching and encouragement our players will develop, improve and make clear progress toward becoming the best player they can be.