2021 AAU Tournament Rules

Top Tier Events AAU Tournament Rules

All PIAA Rules Except:

Two Bench wristbands per team. Only 2 bench personnel will be allowed near the bench. NO OTHERS. Only the HEAD Coach will be allowed to stand at any time. If you receive a technical foul for any reason, you will be required to sit for the remainder of the game. VERY IMPORTANT

COACHES: Only Two Coaches Will Be Allowed in the bench Area. This Rule Will Be Strictly Enforced. Only One Coach Can Stand During the Game. Assistant Coach must remain Seated at All Times.

All PIAA Rules Except the following:

-Games are two 16-minute halves with stopped time, except for ages 4th & 5th Grade which play 14-minute halves.
– Boys’ 4th-6th grade and all girls’ teams play will use the 28.5 Ball.
– Pre-game warm up will be limited to 2 minutes (unless extended by tournament official). Halftime will be 2 minutes.
– First and Second overtime will be 2 minutes. 3rd will be sudden death except for championship games.
– Except for the first game of the day. Games may start up to 20 minutes early. Be Prepared to Play
– If a court is running behind, it may be necessary to shorten the warmup or halftime.
– Each team gets two full timeouts per game and 1 thirty second timeout per half. The thirty –second timeout does not carry over. Overtime includes 1 additional thirty-second timeout.
– Any player or coach receiving 2 technical fouls is excused from the game and will not play in the next game. Any player ejected for fighting will be excused from the tournament.
– 6 personal fouls per game
– One and one on the 10th team foul
– Last Minute of the game and all overtimes in the last minute all common fouls (non-shooting) will be 1 and 1
– Mercy Rule: if a team is winning by more than 20 points in the last 9 minutes the clock will run. If it returns to under 20 clock will stop with no mercy rule in effect

Bottom Team on the Schedule is considered the Home Team (wear light color if available) and sits on the right (facing the court) of the scorer’s table.


Tie breakers
1.) Head-to-Head 2.) Score differential up to a maximum of 15 points per game. 3.) Least points allowed 4.) Coin Flip
All forfeits will be given a differential of 15 points. A team that forfeits loses all tie breakers. Placement, if any, in Bracket play is at the tournament Directors discretion.

A Coach Coaching more than one team must have an assistant coach available.
Two Coaching Passes per Team. Only Two Coaches allowed per Bench Area. Only One Coach Standing. Only Official Personnel are allowed at the scoring table. No Participating Team score keepers allowed at the scoring table.
Players may play on more than one team but only in a different division if their name appears on submitted team rosters for both teams before the tournament starts & Player meets Grade requirements for each team.
Bracket Play – the dual team player must have played in all pool games with the team to be able to play in bracket play games.
Boys & Girls’ divisions are determined by grade athlete is in as of September 1st, 2020.