Flag Football Leagues

2021 Spring Riverfront Youth Flag Football


Riverfront Sports has partnered with the Abington Flag Football League to create the Riverfront Youth Flag Football League.

Boys and Girls Ages 5 through 17 are welcome!

Price: $65

Games will be played on Fridays and/or Sundays.

Games will still be played at Hillside Park and South Abington Park.  We have also added Riverfront Sports in Scranton as a location for early season games and an alternative when there is inclement weather.

The uniforms will continue being done by Brucelli Advertising so you can use your old one or purchase one from them. UNIFORMS ARE NOT INCLUDED IN REGISTRATION FEE.

To buy a uniform, click HERE

Riverfront Sports has partnered with LeagueApps to handle all individual registrations for camps, clinics, travel teams, in-house leagues and trainings. You will now have the ability to create a Family Account that will allow you to reduce the number of steps it takes to complete a registration. LeagueApps will store a profile for each child in your family that will allow a seamless and easy registration for all programs in all the sports we offer. This will also allow us to communicate easier with you about your child’s activities and potential programs that he or she might be interested. When you register for your next program, you will be asked to create this Family Account one time and then you will be able to log-in with a secure username and password moving forward.