High School Soccer & Fitness Workouts

Preseason Soccer & Fitness Workouts

When: July 13th – Aug 5th, 2021 (Twice a week, so Tues/Thurs for 4 weeks = 8 total sessions) – 1:00pm – 2:45pm
Who: Boys and Girls entering 9th through 12th Grade
Time: 45 minutes of agility + 1 hour soccer workout = 1:45 total
Cost: Individual cost = $195/athlete

Spend your preseason with us at Riverfront Sports in our air-conditioned and weather-proof facility as we put players through four weeks of soccer and agility workouts, specifically designed to get you ready for your upcoming high school or club season. Our forty-five minute agility and fitness workouts will target an athletes conditioning so that they can be in the best possible shape transitioning into the season. The hour soccer workouts will help you sharpen up skills and keeping your mind and focus on the upcoming soccer season. Train hard now so that this soccer season can be played at a high level.