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Goalkeeper School of Excellence


The Goalkeeper School of Excellence is where we learn, develop and progress. This program will set the correct foundation for all keepers looking to reach their full potential. Unfortunately the Keeper position is one that is forgotten about and not nearly trained enough. This School of Excellence will train Keepers in all aspects of the game, not just standing in between the posts getting shots taken on them. Field players receive specific training so why not the Keeper? Here each individual will work on the separate skills required to be a top level Keeper.

At The Goalkeeper School of Excellence we believe in building not just a Goalkeeper but a character and a person, providing each individual with actual game like situations and the adversity they will face. The modern game requires the goalkeeper to be used now not just as the last line of defense but also the beginning of an attacking play.

At The Goalkeeper School of Excellence we will provide professional, tested and proved training methods to help each individual reach their full potential. Each session is carefully planned out and follows a strict curriculum of development. As a former four year college Keeper, captain and currently a College and NPSL Keeper coach I know what it takes to be successful.

The Goalkeeper School of Excellence will provide a safe, fun learning environment for keepers of all ages.

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October 14th – December 2nd

Ages 7-16 (Will be split into 3 age groups)




Please contact Dany O’Rourke with any questions at 570.677.7796 or

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