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Micro Soccer Academy – Ages 2-5

The main goals of the Micro Soccer Academy are to get children excited about sports, work on overall fundamental skills, develop socialization and teach following directions. The classes are designed: 1) to overlap in age to accommodate differing physical and emotional levels, 2) to fit the schedule of parents with more than one child in our programs, 3) allow the instructors the flexibility to adapt each class accordingly, and 4) so players can take the next step into our Riverfront United beginning at age 6.

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Session 3

Wednesdays – February 3rd–March 17th

Saturdays – February 6th–March 20th

Click link to register for that time. If you can’t register on the registration page, that session is sold out.

Contact Coach Carey at with any questions.

Kickers (2-3 Years)5:0010:00
Dribblers (3-4 Years)5:0010:00
Passers (4-5 Years)5:0010:00

Class Age Groups

Kickers 2-3 Years Parent-Child Class
Parent-child interactive class that focuses on physical development, socialization, following directions, and getting excited about sports activities. 40-45 mins, 12 children maximum per instructor.
Dribblers 3-4 Years
First class on their own focusing on following directions, ball control, and more complex physical development–balance, foot coordination, and body control while moving. Non-competitive. 45 mins, 10 children maximum per instructor.
Passers 4-5 Years
Focuses on more complex ball skills, game like situations, and introduction to scrimmaging. 50 mins, 10 children maximum per instructor.


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