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NEPA Youth Football at Riverfront Sports


Riverfront Sports and NEPA Youth Football are forming the NEPA Youth Football Fall League at Riversports Sports. This league is open to Boys and Girls Ages 5 through 14.

Our league takes place at Riverfront Sports in Scranton with COVID-19 protocols that follow CDC and Pennsylvania guidelines. Spectators will be limited and all people in the building must wear masks with the exception of the players while they are playing. Here are Riverfront Sports protocols.

If you have questions, call 570-766-2130

Divisions include A, B, C and D levels.

A Division – Ages 12-13-14 (age by July 1, 2020)

B Division – Ages 10-11  (age by July 1, 2020)

C Division – Ages 8-9  (age by July 1, 2020)

D Division – Ages 5-6-7  (age by July 1, 2020)
**D Division will be 5 v 5. First 20 minutes of each game will be dedicated to a skill session. Game will be played after that.

September 6th through November 22nd

Games Sundays – Times vary from 9am to 2pm. Lower divisions play first.

8 Games plus playoffs

Individual: $90 includes uniform t-shirt

Team: $800 (max 10 players on roster) No uniforms provided.



ALL PLAYERS MUST WEAR SOFT SHELL HELMETS. (Not provided by Riverfront Sports)

You can purchase a helmet by clicking here. This is discounted ($35) from normal price. Includes helmet, mouth guard and cleat bag.



Rules Fall 7 on 7
Game Play:
– Visiting team will receive the ball first, home team will receive the ball to start the
second half
– The offensive team takes possession of the ball at its own 5 yard line and has four (4)
down to cross midfield.
– On 4th down the offense can choose to punt; giving the opposing team the ball on their
own 5yd line or The offense can choose to attempt a first down and keep possession by
crossing midfield, if they fail to gain a first down the opposing team will take possession
at the spot of the ball.
– Once a team crosses midfield, it has four (4) downs to score a touchdown with the same
4th down rules in effect.
– All possessions except interceptions and 4th down turnovers will start at the offense’s
5yd line.
– League will provide officials.
– Once the play is blown dead the offensive team will have 30 seconds to snap the ball to
begin the next play or it will result in a delay of game.
– Each game will be played in two halves. 1st half 18-minute running clock, halftime is 5
minutes, 2nd
half 18 minutes running clock.
– D League games will have a 25min Skills and drills session before the start of each game.
Games will have two 10min halves with clock stopping every 5 min to allow for
– Each team gets 1 timeout per half, timeout is for 1 minute.
– Officials can stop the clock at their discretion ex: In the event of injury, gameball travels
on to another field of play.
Live Ball / Dead Ball:
– Substitutions may be made on any dead ball.
– The play is ruled “dead” when: » Ball-carrier’s flag is pulled » Ball-carrier steps out of
bounds » Incomplete pass » Ball hits the ground » Touchdown, PAT or safety is scored »
Ball-carrier’s knee hits the ground » Ball-carrier’s flag falls out (ball is spotted where the
flag is on the ground) » Receiver has one (1) or no flags when catching the ball (ball is
spotted where the receiver caught the ball)
– Any player who starts a play without a flag is down where he or she touches the ball
There are no fumbles. The Ball is spotted where the ball-carrier’s feet were at the time
of the fumble.
– In the case of an inadvertent whistle, the offense has two options: 1. Take the ball
where it was when the whistle blew down is consumed 2. Replay the down from the
original line of scrimmage
– Touchdown: Six (6) points
– PAT: 5 yard line (1) point
– PAT: 10 yard line (2) points
– Safety: Two (2) points
– Offense will have seven (7) players on the field consisting of QB, RB, TE, WR and C for
the A and B and C Divisions. D league will be played 5 on 5 with NO Center.
– The referee will verbally count out the seconds to pass the ball.
– Center is not eligible in any formation
– No Blocking is allowed.
– Legal snapping options are: direct under center exchange, shotgun between legs, and
side snapping are acceptable
– Dropped snaps count as a down in B and A division, D and C will be allowed some
– If a ball carrier or QB is determined to have an improper flag attachment or shirt that is
not tucked in, this will result in the play being blown dead at that point, wherever the
ball is at time of whistle is the spot. This is official judgement call
– Running the football by hand off or pitches is allowed ONLY in the D and C
divisions. There is no running the football in A and B Divisions.
– Teams may perform multiple handoffs as long as they remain behind the LOS.
– The player who receives the handoff can throw the ball as long as he or she
remains behind the line of scrimmage.
– The ball is spotted where the runner’s feet are when the flag is pulled, not
where the ball is.
– “No Run Zones” are located 5 yards before midfield and 5 yards before the goal
line in each offensive direction.
– if the ball is spotted on or inside the “No Run Zone,” the offense MUST use a
pass play to achieve a first down or touchdown.
– QBs in A and B divisions may run the ball only if the defense blitzes.
– Quarterback will have (5) seconds to throw the ball in the A and B divisions, and
(7) seconds to throw the ball in D and C divisions. If not thrown after (5) or (7)
seconds the play will be whistled dead and treated as an incomplete pass with
the ball spotted back at the line of scrimmage.
– The referee will verbally count out the seconds to pass the ball.
– All passes must be forward but passes behind the line of scrimmage such as
shovel and swing passes are allowed. ( defense may only cross the line of
scrimmage once the pass is completed).
– Only one (1) forward pass per play.
– Absolutely NO laterals, pitches, or screen passes of any kind are allowed behind
or beyond the LOS.
– If the QB’s flag is pulled before the ball leaves his or her hand, the play is ruled
dead and the ball is spotted where the QB’s feet are.
– Interceptions may be returned except for during a PAT.
– If a pass is tipped/ blocked by the defender and the QB catches the ball, the play
is whistled dead and considered an incomplete pass.
– The QB may throw the ball to avoid a sack. Pass must go beyond the LOS
– 1-2 coaches can be in the huddle on offense if needed.
– All players are eligible to receive a pass except for the center.
– Only one (1) player is allowed in motion at a time.
– A layer must have at least one foot inbounds when making a reception.
– Once the ball is advanced beyond the LOS, the current ball-carrier is the only player
allowed to have possession of the ball until the play is dead.
– Once the ball is advanced beyond the LOS, the remaining offensive players cannot
impede the defense from attempting to pull the offensive player’s flag. (No screening or
blocking; no running next to the ball-carrier)
– Defense will have seven (7) players on the field ( 5 players in the D division) consisting of
– defenders must play with at least a 5 yard buffer zone.
– Defense is allowed to rush the quarterback only once (1) during a possession and QB will
be allowed to run the football past the LOS if rushed (A and B Divisions). NO BLITZ
ALLOWED IN C or D divisions.
– A legal flag pull takes place when the ball carrier is in full possession of the ball. A
defensive player may not pull the flags off of a player who does not have possession of
the ball.
– Defenders cannot hold, tackle or run through the ball carrier when attempting to pull
their flags. –
– It is illegal to attempt to strip or pull the ball from the ball carrier.
– Flag guarding is the attempt by the ball-carrier to obstruct the defender access to the
flags by stiff arming, dropping the hand, arm, shoulder or head or intentionally covering
the flags with the football or jersey
– Coach can be on the field if needed but must be off and on the sideline before the snap
of the ball
Rushing The Passer:
– Players that rush the passer must be 7 yards from the line of scrimmage when the ball is
– Before each play, an official will mark off 7 yards from the LOS.
– The rusher has a clear path to the passer and any interference by the offense to impede
his or her path will be considered screening.
– If a rusher leaves the rush line early (breaks the 7 yard area), the rusher may return to
the rush line, reset and then legally rush the passer.
– Players not rushing the passer may defend on the line of scrimmage but may not enter
the backfield unless the ball is handed off. (D Division, or Pass Completed C-A divisions).
– Players rushing the passer may attempt to block the pass, however NO contact can be
made with the QB in any way.
– The referee will call all penalties.
– Referees determine incidental contact that may result from normal run of play. This is
considered a judgement call.
– Players cannot question judgement calls. Only the head coach may ask the referee
questions about rule clarification and rule interpretations.
– All penalties will be assessed from the line of scrimmage, except for SPOT FOULS (
automatic first down, loss of down.
– Games cannot end on a defensive penalty unless the offense declines.
– If the distance to the goal is shorter than the penalty yardage, then the penalty will be
assessed half the distance to the goal.
Defensive Penalties:
– Pass interference = plus 10 yds and Automatic 1st down
– Holding = plus 10 yds and Automatic 1st down
– Stripping =plus 10 yds and Automatic 1st down
– Defensive unnecessary roughness = plus 10 yds and Automatic 1st down
– Offside = plus 5yds from LOS
– Illegal rush = plus 5yds from LOS
– Illegal flag pull = plus 5yds from LOS
– Roughing the passer = plus 5yds from LOS
– Taunting = plus 5yds from LOS
– Unsportsmanlike conduct = plus 10 yds and Automatic 1st down
Offense Penalties:
– Screening, blocking = minus 5 yds and Loss of down
– Charging =minus 5 yds and Loss of down
– Flag guarding =minus 5 yds and Loss of down
– Offensive unnecessary roughness = minus 10 yds and Loss of down
– Unsportsmanlike Conduct = Minus 10 yds and loss of down
– Offside / false start = minus 5yds
– Illegal forward pass = minus 5yds
– Offensive pass interference = minus 5yds
– Illegal motion = minus 5yds
– Delay of game = minus 5yds
– Impeding the rusher = minus 5yds
– Illegal Procedure = minus 5yds
– Taunting= minus 5yds
– Unsportsmanlike conduct = Loss of down
– Overtime winner is determined by whichever team scores more points within a single
overtime period. » Winner of the coin toss cheeses offense or defense first » Each team
takes turns getting one (1) play from the defense’s 5 yard line for one point or defense’s
10 yard line for two points. » Whether to go for one or two points is up to the offensive
team » Whether or not the team that begins on offense converts, the team that started
on defense gets a chance on offense to win or tie by converting out one- or two-point
play of its own. » If both teams score and complete the same amount of points on
conversions, the game will end in a tie.
– All players must wear a soft shell helmet.
– All players must have a mouth guard in use at all times while on the field.
– Teams can wear their own uniforms/t-shirts. Players who have signed up as an
individual will be provided with a t-shirt.
– Players jerseys/T-shirts must be tucked in at all times.
– Players must remove all jewelry.
– All players must wear shoes. Cleats or sneakers are allowed. However, cleats
with exposed metal are not permitted.

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