Youth Leagues

Winter 2 Youth Soccer League

Date: Starting Thursday, January 26th runs through end of March

Price: $925.00 – Includes 8 games and referee fees.  

U10: Games on Saturdays   7v7 (6 field players and a goalkeeper)

U12: Games on Fridays and Saturdays  7v7 (6 field players and a goalkeeper)

U14: Games on Thursdays and Saturdays  6v6 (5 field players and a goalkeeper) 

Rules: No Sliding, Yellow card (sit for 5 minutes), Red Card (sit rest of game and a 1 game suspension), Everything is indirect, sub on your own teams throw ins or if other team is subbing and goal kicks. If there is a free kick the opposing team must be 7 yards away from the spot of the foul. We are now introducing kick ins rather than throw ins. All kick ins must be BELOW the waist. Ball must be completely stopped before the ball is put into play. Heading will be allowed in the U12 and U14 league. It will NOT be allowed in the U10 league.  

Birth dates: 

U14: Birth year 2009 and younger

U12: Birth year 2011 and younger

U10: Birth year 2013 and younger