Youth Soccer League Rules

RIVERFRONT Youth Indoor Soccer League Rules

Both teams may sub on a kickoff or goal kick. Teams may sub on their own throw-in or corner kick. If the team in possession subs, the other team may sub as well. The same is applicable for an injury where a substitution is made. There is NO subbing on the fly!

PIAA rules apply with these exceptions:

All free kicks are indirect. Opposing team needs to be 7 yards from the ball. Ball must be touched AND move to be in play.
If the ball hits the ceiling, it is an indirect kick from the spot where it hit.

Keepers must distribute the ball with a throw or a kick from the ground (no punts/drop-kicks) . . . the ball CANNOT be bouncing when kicked! A warning will be given the first time, an indirect free kick (at the top of the box) will be awarded on all subsequent violations.
Fouls in the box which result in a penalty kick will be taken from the top edge of the box for U10/12 and 2 more yards back for U14 and high school. All Players must be behind the ball and cannot move until ball is played. Ball is live after being played and players may play rebounds.
Shin guards are required for every player. No shin guards=no playing.

We are following the USSF rules regarding heading. U-11 and below cannot head. Intentional heading will result in an indirect free kick from the spot of the infraction.

NO SLIDE TACKLING! We don’t want anyone getting hurt. Stay on your feet. Slide tackling is an indirect kick for the other team. GK’s may slide within the penalty box, outside the box they are like a field player. Slide tackling, based on the judgment of the official is a “cardable” offense.
No Offsides.

All players and coaches must remain on the sideline in the team area. Only players and coaches are allowed in the designated team area.
PLEASE make sure players and coaches shake hands after the game.

PLEASE have YOUR TEAM take care of YOUR TEAMS’ TRASH! Thanks!

Since this leagues purpose is to “develop your players’ skills“, we are also going to help you develop their character. Any player issued a yellow card must leave the field and may return on the next available substitution. Any player/person who is issued a RED card by an official must leave the field area, the team will play down a player in the current game, and will have a two game suspension from all teams they play on. When the ref issues a card (yellow or red) to one of your players, YOU are to give the ref the players’ name.


7v7+Keeper – 25 Minute Halves


6v6+Keeper – 25 Minute Halves


5v5+Keeper – 26 Minute Halves

Any questions please contact:

Dany O’Rourke 570-677-7796

Carey Newman 570-575-4119