Sports Performance Training

No matter what your sport or competitive level, to be well prepared and have an athletic edge is the key to success. Our Sports Performance Training is dedicated to helping athletes reach their ultimate performance.  Our training philosophy is simple: Provide our athletes with the most effective and progressive training techniques, movement education, and coaching in a motivating and engaging training environment. Our staff of strength and conditioning specialists are dedicated to changing the lives of athletes and fostering peak performance results. Some of the many things we focus on:

• Strength – We provide athletes with well-structured personalized strength routines. The benefits of strength training to athletic performance are substantial and numerous. Not only is it an integral conditioning component for power athletes but also maximizes performance in the pure endurance events.

• Speed, agility, & quickness training – We train you how to move in all directions!

• Power & plyometrics – We give you the highly effective tools to become more explosive in power movements like jumping, throwing, first step acceleration and hitting.

• Core training – We place strong emphasis on core training. Your core strength is the key to a solid athletic foundation and the base necessary in all movements.

• Joint integrity and pre-habilitation – We keep your joints strong through unilateral and functional exercises to protect you from imbalances and future injury.

• Hand-eye coordination and reaction drills – We provide drills to improve visual reaction. This training allows for increased agility and faster neural reaction and increased efficiency in muscular reaction to stimulus.

• Metabolic Conditioning – Our workouts are designed to train all three of the body’s energy systems and focus on the systems most important to in your sport and personal growth.

• Flexibility– By stretching post workout, we increase your range of motion; keeping you strong throughout the completion of movements and actions and less likely to suffer from injury.

• Recovery & regeneration – Rest is necessary for growth. We follow a systematic approach to allow for peak performance and avoid over training.

• Athlete life skills – Leadership, Accountability, Goal Setting