Tournament Game Schedule

PA/DE State Championships – 5/1-5/2

Click here for the schedule! App also available

This is from Zero Gravity who is running the tournament this weekend:

We are so excited to welcome you to our PA/DE State Championship weekend! Please find the link to the schedule below. Please use TourneyMachine throughout the weekend to keep up to date with your schedule, record, and brackets as they update throughout the weekend! Best of luck this weekend!

Games will be in a back-to-back format to adhere to indoor capacity limitations. You will need to wait outside until your gametime to go into the facility you’re playing in. The site director at your facility will let you know when your team is good to go in for the games.

Spectator Limits are as follows:

CES – 2 spectators per player

XL – 2 spectators per player

PSC – 2 spectators per player

Charger Nation – 2 spectators per player

Archbishop Ryan – 2 spectators per player

76ers Fieldhouse – 2 spectators per player

Hockessin PAL – 1 spectator per player